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Stock manager

WordPress > Woo Order > Settings > General settings

Woocommerce stock managerWooCommerce stock manager

You don’t need to keep your own warehouse, you order products only after you see them in the order.

Custom product stock statuses

Create your own warehouse statuses for an easy overview of each product’s warehouse status. For example, in a situation where products are ordered daily, check off the products that are already ordered when you shop for them in another store. You can easily change the statuses of the products that arrive at your company and you put them in a box for shipment. With this option you have an overview of the statuses of the products.

EAN printed ( + changed background)

If you have allready printed EAN code one time, then you can see new icon – Ean Printed Icon. Also backgroud of order is changed to brown.

Buying with URL addresses

This system works by allowing you to add the URL link of the product purchase to each product in the store where you order it. For example, for the product T-shirt basic I add the URL www.store/t-shirts/basic/. Then, when I see that product in my order, I will also see a button where I can order it.

Show stock notes

The notes you see on the Order wall and Stock manager page. You can write notes on the stock status of the product.

Add URL of product where to buy at WC product > Edit > Product data

Custom buy URL

Now you can buy as soon as you see your order in processing.

Buy with custom URL" buy button"