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Label (EAN)

WordPress > Woo Order > Settings > General settings

EAN Code – PDF printable with all printers

This label is applicable to production processes in production. Print order-label with your needed information. Label format is PDF in size 2x2inch. You can print this label on Order page or Storage page. Also very useful if you are using barcode scanners, for example: Scan boxes order numbers for expedition, finishing orders just with scan EAN code, etc.

Order number

Add number of order to PDF label

EAN Code

Add EAN code of order number to PDF label

Customer name

Add customer name to PDF label.

Show shipping class

You can also view the class of transport on the label. It will show all your shipping classes that you have set up in woocommerce. Please create a shortcode that will then be displayed on the PDF label.

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Woo Order ean code