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Employee attendance

Employee attendance

WordPress > Woo Order > Settings > General settings

attendance from woo-order

Create employees and let them fill in their attendance at work, this feature can save you money and increase company performance. Your employees will be paid for the actual time | work.


On the Attendance in Woo-order menu page you can find your employees. You create employees by filling in Name, Username and selecting the employee account. This employee who logs into Woo-order will see their name with hours and days worked.

Hours counter

Like administrator you can count all hours and minutes with one click.


Your employee can also take a break by clicking on the Pause icon. The timer will then stop, then when they return to work they click on the icon again and the timer will start again. In the middle of the form you will see how long he has paused. The total number of hours and minutes worked is displayed on the right. The total also includes the pause time taken.

Deleting hours and sum

Like administrator you can after count of hours clear days and sum and then your staff can start new.


Only administrator can change hours, days, pause time, delete days or delete User ( worker)