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In app tools

Take a closer look at all the features offered by our plugin. Speed up your production with orders and inquiries. Wordpress, woocommerce advanced plugin.

Orders Wall
WordPress > Woo Order > Settings > General settings
WooCommerce Order Wall by Woo-order plugin
Woo Order page

Advanced woocommerce Orders page

Overview of all information of orders you need at one page. Then choose orders

statuses and dates for filter your orders and enjoy a boost for finishing orders

Show product gallery

If you want to see product images, just turn on this feature

Number of images

Number of pictures for each product

Internal chat for products

Use this feature to chat about the product

Show product notes

If you want to write notes on products, just activate the function. This note is only visible to Woo-Order staff

Show Custom types notes

If you use Custom types, a page where you filter the product by your custom types, you can pass information in this section.

Internal chat for products

Use this feature to chat about the product


WordPress > Woo Order > Settings > General settings

Inquiries and Requests plugin for Wordpress

With this feature you will have all the Inquiries in one place. Inquiries from the form are automatically added to the page. You can add new inquiries on this page.

Website inquiry form

If you want a form where customers can fill in an enquiry, just activate it. Then you will create a page /inquiries where the inquiry form will be.


If there are multiple managers who can handle inquiries, assign a user and then for each inquiry you can select who will handle the inquiry.

Inquiry status

Here you can prepare all possible demand states that you keep in the system. For example : Created, In progress, Finished


On the page that was automatically created for you is exactly this shortcode. If you want to have the form on a different page, just move the shortcode.

This is how Inquiry looks like

inquiries woocommerce

Adding new Inquiry from website ( public WP page )

front end inquiries

Adding new Inquiry from Woo-Order

create new inquiries

WordPress > Woo Order > Settings > General settings

complaint wordpress form

Simply view the complaints that customers cross form submitted. The notification will notify you that a new complaint has been added.

Website complaints form

Activate this feature if you wish to have a new complaints page on your site. Customers can fill in the order number, the text of the complaint, the method of handling or even upload their own photos.

Statuses as reasons for complaints

List here the ways that the customer can choose to settle the complaint. For example, refund money, repair products, or send the goods again.



This is what the shortcode looks like on the default claims page. If you want to move the claim form to another page, just move this shortcode


Default page with form

Automatically created page where you can find the complaint form


Image neccesary

Activate if you want the customer to upload at least one image/photo to submit the form.


Upload image/photo

For example, if a customer receives a broken product, they can take a picture of it and upload it to your complaint form.

Stock manager

WordPress > Woo Order > Settings > General settings

Woocommerce stock managerWooCommerce stock manager

You don’t need to keep your own warehouse, you order products only after you see them in the order.

Custom product stock statuses

Create your own warehouse statuses for an easy overview of each product’s warehouse status. For example, in a situation where products are ordered daily, check off the products that are already ordered when you shop for them in another store. You can easily change the statuses of the products that arrive at your company and you put them in a box for shipment. With this option you have an overview of the statuses of the products.

EAN printed ( + changed background)

If you have allready printed EAN code one time, then you can see new icon – Ean Printed Icon. Also backgroud of order is changed to brown.

Buying with URL addresses

This system works by allowing you to add the URL link of the product purchase to each product in the store where you order it. For example, for the product T-shirt basic I add the URL www.store/t-shirts/basic/. Then, when I see that product in my order, I will also see a button where I can order it.

Show stock notes

The notes you see on the Order wall and Stock manager page. You can write notes on the stock status of the product.

Add URL of product where to buy at WC product > Edit > Product data

Custom buy URL

Now you can buy as soon as you see your order in processing.

Buy with custom URL" buy button"

WordPress > Woo Order > Settings > General settings

shipping woo woocommerce exportShipping orders page

On this page you have 2 options to send packages. Either you can scan/search all orders and print a bulk file with the shipping data in CSV format – then upload the data to the carrier. And the other option is to simply enter order by order and print the shipping ticket directly. If you check the Automatic order finishing feature, the system will automatically finish each order you search for. More information about the automatic search below

How do both ways of sending look like in practice ?

Automatic search

NOTICE: This order search form will automatically search for the entered number after 1 second of inactivity (if you are not typing). So either type the order number quickly, or copy it all at once, or ideally use a barcode scanner and scan the Label (EAN). This function can be enabled in general settings.


Adds the shipping page to the Woo-order menu. On this page you search for orders and then prepare them for shipment

Show only one order

Use this feature if you want to use the second option to send packages. One at a time.  Scan only one order at a time, print a shipping label (you need to arrange and program to get a shipping label from your carrier) and turn on auto-complete as well.As a result, the order will auto-complete, you will print the shipping label and the search engine will wait for the next order to be scanned again. This completes the order and you can move on to the next one.

Automatic finishing order

If you want, you can automatically mark every order you search for here (by scanning with an EAN code reader) as finished. The status will change to complete.

Procedure one, CSV export
Sequential sending
Label (EAN)

WordPress > Woo Order > Settings > General settings

EAN Code – PDF printable with all printers

This label is applicable to production processes in production. Print order-label with your needed information. Label format is PDF in size 2x2inch. You can print this label on Order page or Storage page. Also very useful if you are using barcode scanners, for example: Scan boxes order numbers for expedition, finishing orders just with scan EAN code, etc.

Order number

Add number of order to PDF label

EAN Code

Add EAN code of order number to PDF label

Customer name

Add customer name to PDF label.

Show shipping class

You can also view the class of transport on the label. It will show all your shipping classes that you have set up in woocommerce. Please create a shortcode that will then be displayed on the PDF label.

label ean woocommerce order
Woo Order ean code
Payment refund page
payment refund

WordPress > Woo Order > Settings > Other functions

Refund page Woo Order

This page help you organize order and payments. You can move order to this page, and refund at the moment when you want return money back to customer. Later with one click change order status.


Turning it on will add a refund page in woo-order and also new order statuses, namely “Payment refunded” and “Waiting for refund”. This will allow you to more easily manage the orders you plan to refund and those you have already refunded.

Contacts page
contact page

WordPress > Woo Order > Settings > General settings

Very simple page directly in Woo-order. Here you can add your contacts, important links and so on. For example, you can prepare a URL link for employees who work in the warehouse, where they can order the adhesive tapes or boxes. Add a contact for a service technician, a data storage on Google Drive and so on. Absolutely any important contact, link or just notes.

contacts list
Employee attendance
Employee attendance

WordPress > Woo Order > Settings > General settings

attendance from woo-order

Create employees and let them fill in their attendance at work, this feature can save you money and increase company performance. Your employees will be paid for the actual time | work.


On the Attendance in Woo-order menu page you can find your employees. You create employees by filling in Name, Username and selecting the employee account. This employee who logs into Woo-order will see their name with hours and days worked.

Hours counter

Like administrator you can count all hours and minutes with one click.


Your employee can also take a break by clicking on the Pause icon. The timer will then stop, then when they return to work they click on the icon again and the timer will start again. In the middle of the form you will see how long he has paused. The total number of hours and minutes worked is displayed on the right. The total also includes the pause time taken.

Deleting hours and sum

Like administrator you can after count of hours clear days and sum and then your staff can start new.


Only administrator can change hours, days, pause time, delete days or delete User ( worker)


Three simple steps

1. Assign a company to receive your offer

2. This company will offer you a price and a deadline

3. Agree or reject production by this company.

Main function : This is an extra extension which you can use to offer your orders and enquiries to the companies you work with. Assign the request to another company and they will fill in the details needed for processing. These details are : Date of completion of the order and the price at which the order will be processed. Then you just need to decide whether you want this company to complete the order or not.

Partners: Here you can add users and pages on which external companies will display your orders.
Emails: set which emails should go out automatically.

WooCommerce order cooperate


Cooperate orders

On a screen bellow you can see Cooperate user page for handle your Request.
Create new WP page and assign some user from Woo-Order setting, After it, user can see Request.

Cooperate offers


Your orders from other stores will be automaticky added to Order Wall. Not importing orders, just remote displayed

1. step

Assignment order to some your company

woo order api order colaborate

2. step

Company have own page on your main store and can solve an order

COLABORATE page api requests
Custom product types
filter woocommerce product by typescustom product types

Product types page

Do you work with multiple products and wish to filter them for a step ?
You can mark products with a special tag to filter them. An example is product printing technologies, where the graphic designer selects the printing technologies for the products in advance and then filters the products only for a certain technology.

Finish proces button

You can use the checkbox to tick completed procedures

Attachment upload

You can use also for upload some Attachments, like documents or graphics designs etc.