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Three simple steps

1. Assign a company to receive your offer

2. This company will offer you a price and a deadline

3. Agree or reject production by this company.

Main function : This is an extra extension which you can use to offer your orders and enquiries to the companies you work with. Assign the request to another company and they will fill in the details needed for processing. These details are : Date of completion of the order and the price at which the order will be processed. Then you just need to decide whether you want this company to complete the order or not.

Partners: Here you can add users and pages on which external companies will display your orders.
Emails: set which emails should go out automatically.

WooCommerce order cooperate


Cooperate orders

On a screen bellow you can see Cooperate user page for handle your Request.
Create new WP page and assign some user from Woo-Order setting, After it, user can see Request.

Cooperate offers


Your orders from other stores will be automaticky added to Order Wall. Not importing orders, just remote displayed

1. step

Assignment order to some your company

woo order api order colaborate

2. step

Company have own page on your main store and can solve an order

COLABORATE page api requests