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Order wall woocommerce orders

Overview of orders

Complete overview of orders, including product previews. Suitable for absolutely every small and large business entrepreneur. Orders can be edited with a single click, such as status change or completion. Notes on products and orders, quick ordering of products, overviews of status or production, filtering of products according to the status of payment and the like.
Order wall

Inquiries + form

Adds a new inquiry form page. Then you will see all the questions in one place. E-mail and paper demand solutions are a thing of the past. Simply change your own demand statuses according to their status.
inqueries woo order
Woo Order ean code

Shipping label include EAN in PDF

Print 2x2inch (5x5cm) label with EAN code, order number, customer name and method of transport. In Woo order you can easily turn on / off anything
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Custom types of products

If you produce products or solve products individually, you can set the status of each product. These states are also like a timeline, so you can keep track of when product states have changed and how
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filter product - custom types
complaint wordpress form

Complaints + form

Adds a new page with a complaint form, including a request to propose a repair order. The system automatically pairs the order number with the complaint and then you have these complaints in one place, from where you can work with them again.
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Attendance of your employee

Create your employees and have them mark their arrival and then departure when they start work. Overview of hours worked, work breaks and time editing
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Shipping orders page

Export of shipping data in CSV for carriers

All you have to do is select or scan the packages (using the EAN code) and export and download the data in CSV with a single click for subsequent dispatch using the transport company. The file contains all the data for the carrier and you only need to set it up for the carrier.
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Custom stock manager

The perfect solution if you do not want to keep stock or it is advantageous for you to order products from the supplier only after you receive your order from you. You set a URL link to the product at the supplier for your products and in the MOS (woo order) system for products you get a button for ordering products and recording the status of the product, whether it was in stock, manufactured or waiting for you.
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WooCommerce stock manager
Cooperate offers

Transfer of orders – cooperation

Make money with a few clicks. Transferring an order to another user that you add to the system. This user will get an overview of the order, then fill in the amount and time and send you this information. Based on these settings, you choose the user who will execute the order.
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Automatic emails for your customers or co-workers

The system informs customers about the status of your order in case of various changes that you set. For example, if you stock all products, or if a product is missing, it will automatically inform your customers again. I have integrated all the necessary emails in the system. At the same time, it is possible to edit it directly in our plugin to make everything as easy as possible.
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Automatics woocommerce emails
user roles wordpress

User roles for each employee

Determine where each employee will have access and what parts of the system they will be able to use or see. For example, you can specify which employee will handle the request, or hide the prices at which you sell orders.
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API – Connection to other your e-shops

If you have more than one e-shop, it is possible to work completely with orders from only one place. You will have your next e-shop on one main page, so that you have all the information in one place. Totally awesome.
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Api orders integration woocommerce
Contacts page tool

Contacts and information

In the system on the Contacts page, you can easily store important links, information, contacts

For example, just fill in Vendor 1 in one field and place the URL link in the other field. This serves as a simple directory, which, however, always remains in sight, in one place and you no longer have to look for it anywhere
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