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WordPress > Woo Order > Settings > General settings

Inquiries and Requests plugin for Wordpress

With this feature you will have all the Inquiries in one place. Inquiries from the form are automatically added to the page. You can add new inquiries on this page.

Website inquiry form

If you want a form where customers can fill in an enquiry, just activate it. Then you will create a page /inquiries where the inquiry form will be.


If there are multiple managers who can handle inquiries, assign a user and then for each inquiry you can select who will handle the inquiry.

Inquiry status

Here you can prepare all possible demand states that you keep in the system. For example : Created, In progress, Finished


On the page that was automatically created for you is exactly this shortcode. If you want to have the form on a different page, just move the shortcode.

This is how Inquiry looks like

inquiries woocommerce

Adding new Inquiry from website ( public WP page )

front end inquiries

Adding new Inquiry from Woo-Order

create new inquiries